Arleigh with Dr Goodbody from Bartendaz Inc USA@Seni 2010 EXcel London
Hi, my name is Arleigh Corbin and welcome to the official Westside Bartendaz website. Westside Bartendaz UK is the UK branch of Bartendaz Inc USA which was founded ten years ago by Hassan Yasin in NYC. You may be wondering why we are called 'Bartendaz' well it has nothing to do with alcohol! Its all about using the bar and natural body weight  to achieve beautiful muscle tone,  defintion and not bulk. We are  passionate about giving you the best results in the shortest possible period of time. I want you to be 100% satisfied with the result I know I can deliver.


I have been a fully qualified personal trainer for four years and know the difference between a good training program and a great one. The Westside Bartendaz training program is completely different because it uses a unique combination of body weight and Calisthenics along with martial arts techniques and military style drills. I have always had an active history in health and personal fitness, and I am devoted to helping my clients make that journey to a healthier, better body and lifestyle. 

I can honestly say that the Westside Bartendaz style of training is unique, effective and holistic form of fitness - It is different in that it requires little or no use of gym equipment, the science behind this type of training is simple; to use body weight to achieve total body transformation in short intense periods. This method of training is fused and inspired by both martial arts and physical tenacity. This form of fitness allows both males and females to transform their body in 8 weeks.